i just recently switched to mac, and i still use wincustomize for my pc (have been for like 3 years). i use firefox, but everytime i try to browse the gallery i get "reverb" on the pics and text. it bleeds or makes ghosts of it self, its like they echo.

does anyone know how to fix it or explain why it is doing this? i have to use firefox because safai doesnt like my schools wireless net. can anyone please explain why this is happening or tell me how to fix it? it would be much appreciated.
on Oct 27, 2007


  1. What version of Firefox?
  2. What version of MacOS?
  3. Can you post a screenshot to illustrate the problem?


on Oct 27, 2007
mac osx tiger 10.4.10
firefox version

i will attempt to post a pic hold on
on Oct 27, 2007
how do i post a pic off my computer the post thingy asks for a url i dont have a website?
on Oct 27, 2007
email me the screenshot (mikec at stardock dot com)
on Oct 27, 2007
ok one moment please.
on Oct 27, 2007
should be on its way.
on Oct 27, 2007
Zoomba . . it's teh weekend . . step away from Wincustomize!

on Nov 02, 2007
It never worried me that much but FWIW, I get the same behaviour:

FF Mac OSX 10.4.10 (Intel).

on Dec 04, 2007
The website is (reportedly) compatible with the latest version of Firefox on Windows and *nix environments. You may wish to contact the Mozilla team about the discrepencies. 
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